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The Astrology

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Astrology studies how the positions of the stars or celestial bodies have an influence on the course of natural earthly events of the collective and individual life.

Stellium Light uses astrology as a tool that when based on your exact date, time, and place of birth, analyses your unique astrological images imprinted in the sky at your birth. This Birth Chart describes your personality, including your true motivation, way of thinking and communication, as well as your emotions including moods, feelings and romance.

Stellium Light will prepare for you a Personalised Astrology Guide which will allow you to explore your strengths, talents, abilities and weakness, to find your vocation and purpose in life, and how to create a harmonious living space with our Personalised Colour Guide based on astrology.

Stellium Light also helps you to understand your present. It guides you with the opportunities the stars are bringing you in constant motion. It helps you deal with events and in your way through your life, following your mission and spirituality in this life. Also, Stellium Light guides you to find how to connect with your feelings and self awareness being conscious of your soul, balancing your energies and therefore improving your relationships.

New Moon

El Sol - Copyright Stellium LightSince the beginning of time we have been fascinated by the Sun and Moon. In their journey through the Sky they join in a different Zodiac sign each month.

I can guide you to enhance opportunities and map your mind addressing your goals and how to achieve them under the energies of these Luminaries together that we call the New Moon.

Also knowing what phase the Moon was in when we were born teaches us emotional lessons and with the analysis of how the Moon has progressed through the years I can guide you to understand your motivations to act or start new chapters in a particular period of your life.

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Who Am I - Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

Cecilia Lugo-AndersonMy name is Cecilia Lugo-Anderson. I am passionate about astrology and I use my knowledge of psychology and astrology to explain our personality, emotions, our source of power, control and our direction in life. MORE .

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